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Specializing in creating engaging environments, we transform ordinary retail spaces into captivating experiences. Our expertise in fabrication ensures your brand stands out with custom designs and displays.

We excel in brand activations, turning brand messaging into interactive and memorable experiences. Our pop-up shops are designed to captivate and intrigue, providing a temporary yet impactful showcase for your products. With cutting-edge video walls, we bring your brand story to life in vibrant detail, creating an immersive visual journey. Chezzam’s custom branding & design services are all about reflecting your brand’s unique identity, ensuring every element aligns with your vision. Our creative window displays capture the essence of your brand, drawing in customers with innovative and eye-catching designs. Trust Chezzam to elevate your consumer and retail experiences, making every interaction with your brand an unforgettable one.

Corporate AV Lighting

Retail Fabrication

Chezzam’s Retail Fabrication service offers custom solutions for creating distinctive and engaging retail environments. Our team of designers and craftsmen work closely with you to bring your vision to life, whether it’s bespoke fixtures, unique display units, or entire shop layouts. We focus on crafting high-quality, durable, and visually appealing elements that not only reflect your brand’s identity but also enhance customer engagement. Our retail fabrications are more than just functional; they’re designed to tell your brand’s story, making your retail space stand out in a competitive market.

Brand Activations

Transform your brand message into a dynamic and interactive experience with Chezzam’s Brand Activations service. We specialize in creating immersive activations that engage customers in unique ways, fostering a deeper connection with your brand. Whether through experiential marketing campaigns, interactive installations, or live events, our activations are designed to generate excitement and buzz. Our goal is to not just showcase your products or services, but to create a memorable experience that resonates with your audience, driving brand awareness and loyalty.
Trade Show Branding
Nike Band Activation

Pop-Up Shops

Chezzam’s Pop-Up Shop service offers a versatile and innovative approach to retail, providing a unique platform for brands to connect with their customers. Our pop-up solutions are ideal for product launches, seasonal promotions, or simply as a way to test new markets. We handle everything from design and fabrication to installation, creating eye-catching and functional spaces that draw attention and drive sales. Our pop-up shops provide an exclusive and temporary retail experience that not only showcases your products but also creates an intimate and memorable interaction with your brand.

Video Wall Rentals

Enhance your consumer and retail experience with Chezzam’s state-of-the-art Video Walls. These large, high-resolution displays are perfect for creating impactful visual storytelling within your retail space. Whether showcasing your brand’s latest campaign, product features, or creating an immersive atmosphere, our video walls grab attention and engage customers. Our team ensures seamless integration of these dynamic displays into your retail environment, providing a visually stunning and modern touch that elevates the overall customer experience and leaves a lasting brand impression.

Event Decor & Lounge Rentals
NFT NYC 2024 Event Graphics

Custom Branding & Design

Chezzam’s Custom Branding & Design service excels in creating custom prints and displays that seamlessly integrate with and enhance your existing brand identity. We specialize in developing bespoke visual elements that complement and elevate your brand’s aesthetic, from vibrant graphics for promotional materials to striking displays for retail environments. Our approach is to work closely with your brand guidelines, ensuring that every print and display we create resonates with your brand’s message and style. Whether it’s for an event, a retail space, or a marketing campaign, our custom branding solutions are tailored to make your brand stand out, maintaining consistency and sophistication in all your visual communications.

Window Displays

Captivate passersby with Chezzam’s creative Window Displays service, designed to turn your storefront into a visual wonderland. Our team of designers and visual merchandisers specialize in creating displays that not only showcase your products but also tell a story. We use a mix of creative props, lighting, and innovative design techniques to craft window displays that draw attention and intrigue. Our displays are more than just decoration; they’re a powerful marketing tool that enhances brand visibility, engages potential customers, and sets the tone for what awaits them inside.

Corporate Window Displays

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